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Interactive animated film: understanding issues of risk’s management

The precautionary principle frames many fields of our life: medicine, transport,… But what does it imply, which can be its negative effects? Should we always go straight on while taking risks with full knowledge of the facts? The exhibition “Risk” Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie de la Villette, from November 18th, 2014 to August 30th, 2015, invites us to better determining the risk and its challenges.

Dorothée Vatinel, curator of the exhibition, and Sabrina Massen, in charge of the audiovisual programmes in the Cité des Sciences, invited us, Benjamin Gibeaux and me, to create an interactive film which approaches the concepts of precaution, prevention and attrition, 3 ways of managing the risk.

To write an interactive film is a particular and enthralling adventure. It was about inventing a history which approaches all the concepts related to the risk, on the basis of a difficult situation in a fictitious country. We wanted to implicate the public the more we could, we thus invited it to a vote.

In the movies, the government spokesman exposes the facts. I took as a starting point the speeches of call to referendum of famous politicians to write his interventions. Experts intervene to provide to the public arguments.

In all, they are 8 possible scenarios that we developed. The public votes three times and can each time see the result of its choice.

We created characters and made sets by assembling vectorial elements, pieces of engravings, photographic textures. This choice enabled us to give a feeling of instability and to increase the emergency feeling.

Writing, sets: Anne Viel
Direction, animation: Anne Viel, Benjamin Gibeaux
Programming, graphics: Benjamin Gibeaux
Sound illustration, music: Thierry Viel
Voices: Émilie Delétrez, Gérémy Credenville, Anne Viel
Production C’est magnifique for the Cité des Sciences

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