A bandera testa mora

Bandera testa mora, a 5-minute film to discover the history of the Corsican flag.

The Corsican flag is well known. But what is its origin? This is the question answered by The Museum of Corsica in Corte in its new exhibition A testa mora, from August 01, 2018 to March 30, 2019. Headline </ em>, thanks in particular to an animated short film.

With Benjamin Gibeaux, we chose to offer a film in animated shadows, to stay in the graphic style of the flag as we know it today. We also made Maure’s head talk: he confides his story to a curious little painter.

Solo Gomez gives her voice to both characters and to the narrator.


Photo © CdC, musée de la Corse 2018/DR

Direction: Benjamin Gibeaux et Anne Viel
Graphical design: Benjamin Gibeaux
Script : Anne Viel, sur une trame de Ann Bilger
Animation : Benjamin Gibeaux, Anne Viel
Sound design : Thierry Viel
Voice: Solo Gomez
Production C’est magnifique for The Museum of Corsica