A morra

A Morra, an animated film to discover a traditional Corsican game.

The Museum of Corsica in Corte (France) presents, from July 23, 2016 to December 30, an exhibition on the intangible cultural heritage of Corsica.

For several years, in order to prepare young audiences to visit the temporary exhibitions, Ann Bilger, head of mediation, offers a dedicated chidden-size space. This is not a reduction in the main exhibition, but a full exhibition, with a meticulous scenography. This approach is bearing fruit: children’s curiosity is sharpened, the museum becomes less daunting, the tour begins on a welcoming experience.
I have been lucky to work with Ann Bilger for many of these young public exhibitions, making animated films. “A Morra” is the latest. In 3 minutes, with a rhythmic editing, we discover a very old hands’ game, the “mourre”, which has survived 40 centuries and is still played today in Corsica, where it is called “Morra”.

I wanted to make a film in which the visual and audio forms are closely related to the subject. The hand is omnipresent. For example, the characters’  colors were made mainly from fingerprints and sound design from sounds produced by hands.



A morra


This film was also an opportunity to find a graphic style very different from which one is usually my own, and I loved exploring new techniques, including the wonderful brushes for Photoshop by Kyle Webster.

See you in Corte to see the entire film, and learn a game that could well become a part of your own intangible heritage.


Direction, graphic design: Anne Viel
Writing  Anne Viel, from a basis by Ann Bilger
Animation: Benjamin Gibeaux
Sound design: Thierry Viel
Voice: Alexandre Carrière
Hands: Solo Gomez, Anne et Thierry Viel
Production C’est magnifique for the Museum of Corsica