Build your town !

Application: shapes in architecture

When one observes the way in which the very young explore the world, one sees that, spontaneously, they work like scientists in a laboratory. They test, try again, make several times the same thing and observe if there is always the same answer. If so, they can withdraw a rule from it; if they observe a variable, they will compare. It is like that, all alone, they build their representation of the world.

Isabelle Chavepeyer, in Accueillir le tout-petit au musée, Pass

From 3 to 7 years, the children are curious about all and only ask to understand. With the Pass, in Frameries in Belgium, the museographic team thought a space only for them, the Pass’ Age of Discoverers. They discover there three spaces dedicated to light, nature and architecture.
The activities suggested are surprising (to search the animal which left traces on the platform,…), astonishing (to write with light,…), collaboratives (to finish the construction of a house,…).
Among these games and these discoveries, only one screen: that of Build your town! , a creative application to approach forms and colors.

7M8B0840 copiephoto copyright PASS – Fabrice Hauwel

Caroline Vrammout, in charge of the project within the Pass, wished an application in which the children could assemble a building, decorate it, then  send it in a big screen representing a district made of buildings of several children.
I conceived the graphics and the animation of this application, starting from very simple forms. The children, via a tactile screen, make slip simple elements (block, half-circle, arches,…), then change the color, texture, add it “stickers” of which some are animated. Once satisfied with their creation, they call the truck which will bring their building in the large frieze displayed on the big screen.

Benjamin Gibeaux joined me on this project for the programming of the second part of the application. But for the tactile part of creation, it is me which coded: an experimence which I very quickly hope to renew!
I went to the Pass to observe the children play. They are in bunch around the application. That discusses much to know what to choose, where to put the stickers,… Certain children look at, fascinated, the frieze which passes on the screen with all the houses of the buddies. I adore to see how the public adapts my work, even more when it’s children. The reactions are always frank: “it’s ok or not”!

Build your city!, production of C’est magnifique for the Pass, 2015.

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