Dio vi Salvi Regina, from Orient to Corscia

Animated film for Corsica Museum : the history of Corsica’s anthem


During the exhibition “Corsica and the music”, the Corsica Museum of Corte proposed in 2013 an exhibition dedicated to young people : “The music, a story to share.”

The animated film “Dio Vi Salvi Regina – from Orient to Corscia” highlights the transformation of religious song “Salve Regina” in the Corsican anthem “Dio Vi Salvi Regina”. Lively and colorful, mix of different animation techniques, this film is my first collaboration with Benjamin Gibeaux.

Direction: Anne Viel, Benjamin Gibeaux
Writing: Anne Viel on a historical weaving by Ann Bilger
Sound design, singing: Thierry Viel
Voices: Émilie Delétrez, Thierry Viel
Production C’est magnifique for Corsica Museul