Energy, new dreams

6 animated films : 6 main energies

The word “energy” evokes in us multiple images: wind turbines, nuclear power stations, electricity, our food, and, by association, global warming, depletion of natural resources … But what is energy, actually?

This is the question that the exhibition “Energy: new dreams” answers to in ways as diverse as we are different in our ways of understanding scientific concepts: experiments, manipulations, texts, comics, … and movies.


Benjamin Gibeaux, Thierry Viel and I, we were asked to create 6 animated films, 45 seconds each, to explain the nature of the 6 energies presented at the Pass: chemical energy, mechanical energy, electrical energy, nuclear energy, thermal energy and radiant energy. I wrote the texts, based on research conducted upstream by Nathalie Cimino. Then Benjamin and I imagined scenarios.

The energies can be transformed one into the other. We can produce mechanical energy through electrical or thermal energy, … We wanted to recreate in our films this great chain. We needed a dynamic narrative structure, and leaping texts. We then proposed scenarios in which small characterss operate graphic elements similar to those found in animated books: tabs, wheels, … Everything moves. Causes and effects are linked in the text and in images.

Energie mécanique

Benjamin has created and animated the characters, I drew the sets, graphical elements, animated diagrams and did compositing. Thierry Viel designed the sound of these films, with the voice of Alexandre Carrière for the French version, Melissa Baker for the English version, and Veerle Verheyen for Dutch.

Here is the film in French for chemical energy, published by the Pass on its Facebook’s page (there you’ll find all its news).

Writing : Anne Viel
Direction, animation : Anne Viel, Benjamin Gibeaux
Sound design : Thierry Viel
Production C’est magnifique for the Pass, 2015.


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