(Graphisme Benjamin Gibeaux)

L’Americani, a 4-minute film to understand the Corsican emigration to South America, in the 19th century, and the origin of the famous “American Houses” on the Island of Beauty.

The Museum of Corsica, in Corte, once again trusted C’est Magnifique for the production of a film intended for young audiences, in the same spirit of openness and pedagogy that signs all their exhibitions. This is the project that Benjamin Gibeaux and I proposed that was implemented.

From August 4, 2017 to March 24, 2018, the exhibition “ L’Americani – the Corsicans of America ” presents, at the opening of the exhibition “ Palazzi di l’Americani”. Corsican Americans “, the route of Corsican emigrants in the nineteenth century, their success across the Atlantic, and their return to the island on which they had built houses with a very particular style.


Ann Bilger wanted us to retrace the path of a young Corsican, and we chose to present his adventure as a video game. Kind of “ Mario ” Corsican, our Matteu, confronted with phylloxera and poverty, decides to leave to the Americas.

To further include the young viewer in this story, I wrote a scenario modeled on the “game play” videos that children watch on Youtube: two characters comment on the game, Matteu’s actions, steps and pitfalls.

Direction: Benjamin Gibeaux et Anne Viel
Graphical design: Benjamin Gibeaux
Script : Anne Viel, sur une trame de Ann Bilger
Animation : Benjamin Gibeaux, Anne et Thierry Viel
Sound design : Thierry Viel
Voices: Livia Dufoix, Anatole Yun
Production C’est magnifique for Musée de la Corse