Lustful and hemeralopic

Animated film: Dracula’s states of mind

When I started to animate, I knew really nothing about animation. I followed an introductory course, read many books, tried a lot of experiments not always successful. And, very quickly, I realized that I will arrive to nowhere if I remained alone in my corner. I then discovered, a site created by animation’s lovers. The forum, very active and reactive, where each one exchanges his tricks, shares his work and his discoveries, enabled me to progress, to know where to go in this very rich universe which is animation.


Fousdanim proposes a kind of small friendly competition, approximately twice a year, with an imposed topic, sometimes an additional constraint. When I have time to take part in it, it is the occasion for me to test new things: a functionality of After Effects that I did not use, a different graphic style, or a new narration.

In February 2013, the topic was Dracula, and there was a small imposed sound.
I was preparing a demo reel to present my work. I really hate to make demo reel. Using two tor three weeks to make an montage which almost only I will use to seek contracts, which will bring nothing to the public, that always seems to me a waste of time.
With the announcement of the competition, I dropped my demo reel, and I began the realization of a small film about Dracula, while telling me: it would show what I can do, and it would be a complete film, not a succession of extracts.

Here thus the result: Lustful and hemeralopic, a 3 minutes film, sound and music by Thierry Viel, voice of Matthieu Despretz. It shows us Dracula facing a cumbersome celebrity. I chose to write the text in alexandrines. They bring a certain classicism to a film which is woven with insinuations.

modele dracula

My graphic work often mixes very simple forms and textures. For this film, I chose to cover certain parts of the elements of fingerprints. They humanize a little this freezing universe, by giving to it a more “tactile” dimension. As usual, I animated the whole thing with After Effects.
Before the film, I propose you the sequence below, which was carried out as a trailer (a trailer for a 3 minutes film, it is rather eccentric, but it was asked to me by a festival). This sequence is not part of the film, but introduces the matter…

Here is the film:

It has been selected by these film festivals:
FICU 2013 (Montevideo, Uruguay)
FICS 2013 (Santander, Colombie)
HAYAH 2013 (Panama City, Panama)
Walthamstow International Film Festival 2013 (Londres, Royaume-Uni)

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