Mister Machine

Monsieur Machine, photo ©Le Pass, illustration Nici Gregory

llustrated narrative thread + scientific comic strips for the PASS 

The Pass’erelle at the Pass (Frameries, Belgium) is an exhibition located in the upper part of the passerelle created by Jean Nouvel. With its metal cladding with strong lines and its impressive length, this place has very strong character, which a scenographic design dating from the opening of the Pass had managed to tame. However, over time, the manipulations had aged, and the theme itself of this permanent exhibition deserved to be more in tune with our lives and our concerns.

Caroline Vrammout and Nathalie Cimino, in charge of the museography at the Pass, wanted to keep the existing scenery, renew manipulations, create new ones, but especially focus this part of the museum around a parallel between human capabilities and technological advances that mimic or complement them. Thus was born the exhibition Mr. Machine.

First exhibition space offered to the public after its arrival, Mr. Machine is an introduction to the entire museum. Visitors, active in all available devices, are addressing concepts that will be used throughout their visit to Pass (perception, movement, …) and start questioning the technological advances that will sharpen their vision of their entire visit. The physical commitment required during experiments give the tone of the pedagogical approach of the Pass, relayed by the many workshops offered: experience is a key input for better understanding.

I wrote for Mr Machine, a narrative thread, and I worked for its realization with the illustrator Nici Gregory. A dozen sketches features four characters: a man and his dog, a robot and a robot dog. Installed near experiments, these scenes complete the subject, in a wacky and surprising humor.


Furthermore , we designed ten short comic strips without words that bring a different perspective on the concepts discussed. Nici is an extremely inventive artist. It is full of funny and always surprising ideas . She has given to the scenarios I had written (based on content developed by museographers ) a turn full of character , comical and lively.


TéléMB , local TV of Mons , made a little report on Mr. Machine. Here it is :



If you’ve read my previous articles about the Pass, you know how much I appreciate this place of science. I urge you to follow the news on his Facebook page, because regularly new things happen, and to spend a family day there.

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