Sun in bottles

Animated film: how to store and use solar energy for University of Corsica

In Corsica, the researchers of the University of Corsica and CNRS created the platforms Myrte and Paglia Orba to implement and to study a process of storage and use of solar energy via a hydrogen chain.

Marie-Françoise Saliceti, of the cell of valorization of the research of the University of Corsica, and Philippe Poggi, director of the platform, wished to have a film which enables them to communicate on this project to all the public.


Sun in bottles explains this process in 5 minutes. With this canimated film, which introduces a small curious light bulb, the public understands better the challenges and the operation of the two platforms.

Graphics is simple, centered on the concepts to explain. The set is a simple squared sheet of paper, which evokes the books of laboratory.

Writing, direction, graphics: Anne Viel
Animation: Anne Viel, Cédric Villain
Sound illustration, music: Thierry Viel
Voice: Martin Granger
Production C’est magnifique for the University of Corsica, CNRS

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