Two grams of grammar

Animated series: french grammar lessons

French grammar is not famous for its great regularity, it would be even rather for its capricious side, so much the exceptions seem to puroliferate nearby the simplest rules. How to retain the location of these grammatical traps?

I remembered that my grandmother, at more than 80 years, still remembered an old song learned at school to retain the names of the departments, prefectures and sub-prefectures. The sound and the rhythm are allies in the work of memorizing.

french grammar rule : plural of cheval
French grammar rule: plural of names finishing by “al”

Two grams of grammar are two short films illustrating two grammatical rules: the plural of the names in – ou and the plural of the names in – al. The exceptions to the rules are pointed, each one accompanied by an astonishing sketch and a particular sound. The rule is recapitulated at the end of the episode, accompanied by the sounds of the films. Memorizing is thus facilitated.

I created very coloured graphics, exploiting contrasts, so that the images can mark the spirit. Many textures, still, in this work: in 2009, I started to employ them in an increasingly regular way. All of that looks like a small tactile puppet theatre.


Writing, design, direction, animation : Anne Viel
Voice, sound design : Thierry Viel

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