We all have the solution

An interactive experience on new economies: games and animated films

It’s not easy to present economic notions through games and dumb videos … But that’s what Magnifique and Caroline Vrammout, from  the Pass museum (Frameries, Belgique), for the new exhibition “Transformations”.

Participatory economy, functional economy, creative economy, 3 different ways of seeing our exchanges within society, all three providing sustainable solutions for consumption more respectful of humain and environment.

I focused my writing on collaboration: impossible to play the 3 games offered alone, it is essential to dialogue to go on. As for the 3 films, asking Atiyyah Lallmahomed to work only with a set of simple predefined shapes and limited colors, I knew that the visuals of the films would carry the same message: assembly, inventiveness will come out of new solutions .



It is presented on a multitouch tactile table: we can play 2 or 4 players, from 8 years old.

Concept / direction : Anne Viel
Graphical design : Atiyyah Lallmahomed, Anne Viel
Animation : Atiyyah Lallmahomed, Nicolas Dufresne, Thomas Machart, Anne Viel
Sound design : Thierry Viel
Programing : Frédérique Milcent
Production C’est magnifique for the Pass