Writing and making films, imagining and programming apps, it’s in a way doing chemistry. So I am a kind of chemist… I assemble, I juxtapose, I transform. The result? Animated films, poems, apps, illustrations, and many other things.

We may lay it down as an incontestible axiom, that, in all the operations of art and nature, nothing is created; an equal quantity of matter exists both before and after the experiment; the quality and quantity of the elements remain precisely the same; and nothing takes place beyond changes and modifications in the combination of these elements.

Lavoisier, 1789

I’m a  french woman who writes and makes animated films. I teach in a school too, which prepares its students to… write and make animated films!


But before that, I had a lot of different jobs. I even operated locks! I had been theater costumer for mostly ten years. It was fascinating! I worked with several theater companies, for classical plays as for contemporary creations.

I adored each of these experiences. They brought me very various knowledges, and above all, they made me meet a lot of different persons. Thanks to these experiences, I have a whole little world in my mind, composed by people I know a little, and to whom I adress when I work, which is very important.

Because what I love above all, is TRANSMITTING. And transmitting is NARRATING.

There is always something to  narrate: observed things, invented stories, shared knowledges, emotions. I narrate with images and words ; I narrate to museum’s public, to those who go in theaters, to those who are on the internet, to my students: to you.

When I make movies for, or with, scientists and searchers, I listen to them narrating me stories I would never have thought to, I would never have invented. I observe what these stories evoke me, and I retranscribe them in my way, for them to touch other persons.

Up to you now to navigate through my articles, haphazardly, category by category, or via the menu. But, above all, imagine links between each of my notes. Perhaps these links will be those I had wished, or those you invented, whatever they’ll be, they’ll be yours.

If you too want to narrate what some article, or this text you just read, evoked to you, leave a comment. I’ll really be glad if a discuss begins!